Izu Taiyo New Summer Orange

Top (Shizuoka Food Selection)



Izu Taiyo New Summer Orange

Since its introduction in 9, we have selected and cultivated high-quality strains suitable for local cultivation.A specialty fruit that colors the early summer of Izu with a refreshing aroma and refreshing taste.

Award/certification information

Top (Shizuoka Food Selection)

Top (Shizuoka Food Selection) 2011


Availability period/most delicious period May-October
Main place of origin Shimoda
Best before (expiration) date
Preservation method

Sales store

Mainly supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stores within the prefecture

Producer of this product

Fuji Izu Agricultural Cooperative Association Izu Taiyo New Summer Subcommittee

Web design

contact information

Higashiizu Agricultural Economics Center

Address:1-12-8 Higashihongo, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

TEL: 0558-23-6009

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