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Introducing the organization that won the 2020 Fujinokuni Capital of Food Contribution Award “Oishii Sangyo Co., Ltd.”

Release date: 2024.03.29


Award-winning organization name: “Oishii Sangyo Co., Ltd.”

~ Contributing to local production for local consumption by cultivating red moss and selling local marine products ~


Fujinokuni New Product Selection 2019 Gold Award, etc.

Fujinokuni New Product Selection 2019 Gold Award, etc.


Award summary

・In collaboration with Yui Fishing Port, the Fisheries Technology Research Institute, and Yui's young fishermen's group, we contributed to the promotion of the prefecture's fisheries industry by cultivating and selling Akamoku, a type of seaweed.

・We exhibited local seafood at large-scale exhibitions such as supermarket trade shows and FOODEX, contributing to promoting the appeal of Shizuoka, the food capital.


Outline of award-winning organization

・Since 2017, we have been processing and selling Sakura shrimp, whitebait, and Akamoku in collaboration with Yamatomi Co., Ltd. and Maruyo Co., Ltd. in Kambara, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City.

・Aiming for sustainable fishing, in addition to cultivating Akamoku at Yui Fishing Port, we also go to department stores around the country to sell and promote our products to convey the appeal of Shizuoka's seafood.


Introduction of initiatives

(1) Cultivation and sales of Akamoku

  In response to the decline in the catch of Sakura shrimp, we started cultivating Akamoku in 2020 in collaboration with Yui Fishing Port, Wakashio Research Group, and Fisheries Technology Research Institute to provide a source of income for local fishermen and processors. The harvest and sales volume of Akamoku has been increasing year by year, and the efforts have spread not only to the local Yui fishing port but also to Toi fishing port and other fishing ports in the Izu area.

Akamoku cultivation

Akamoku cultivation


(2) PR of local marine products

  In addition to exhibiting at department store product exhibitions across the country, we also exhibited at large-scale exhibitions such as supermarket trade shows and FOODEX to promote local marine products such as sakura shrimp, whitebait, and red mok.


Sales situation

Sales situation


The Next Development

We hope to continue building a system that can provide a stable supply by improving Akamoku cultivation techniques and increasing the number of producers by communicating the appeal of Akamoku to those involved in the fishing industry. I would also like to promote Akamoku nationwide, along with sakura shrimp and whitebait, and increase its recognition as a specialty of Shizuoka.



421-3212 Kambara Kogane, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 147-7

TEL: 054-625-6710