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Introducing the organization that won the 2020 Fujinokuni Capital of Food Contribution Award “Teable Co., Ltd.”

Release date: 2024.03.29


Award-winning organization name: “Teable Co., Ltd.”

~Planning and holding a Shizuoka-produced market and product exhibition in Tokyo to promote Shizuoka's specialty products~


Marche situation

Marche situation


Award summary

・In addition to hosting the ``Shizuoka Farm Direct Marche'' in Tokyo, we also set up a special website to widely promote exhibitors and Shizuoka's food, contributing to the dissemination of information about ``Shizuoka, the Food Capital.''

・By offering products with short expiration dates that are difficult to sell far away at Marche, we created opportunities for people outside the prefecture to enjoy Shizuoka Prefecture's diverse products, and promoted the appeal of Shizuoka Prefecture.


Outline of award-winning organization

・We operate the shared office "MICAN" for local companies, and as part of our support for companies in Shizuoka Prefecture to expand into the metropolitan area, we plan and manage a Shizuoka-related marche event in front of Oimachi Station.

・Through various initiatives, we aim to serve as a bridge between local areas and the metropolitan area.


Marche situation

Marche situation


Introduction of initiatives

(1) Holding Shizuoka Farm Direct Marche

Since 30, the "Shizuoka Farm Direct Marche" has been held two to four times a year in front of Oimachi Station, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, in order to sell agricultural products and special products from Shizuoka Prefecture to the metropolitan area, promote the charm of Shizuoka Prefecture, and connect both regions. It was held regularly.

(2) Disseminating information using the website and holding the Shizuoka Product Exhibition

Marche's special website ( to widely publicize exhibitors and Shizuoka's food, and in conjunction with Marche, planned and held the Shizuoka Products Exhibition (Shizuoka Ira City) at a large store (Ito-Yokado) in Oimachi.


marche flyer

marche flyer


The Next Development

・We will hold "Shizuoka Farm Direct Marche" not only in Oimachi but also in other areas of Tokyo to promote Shizuoka's attractive food more widely.

・In the future, we plan to set up sales corners for Shizuoka Prefecture products in stores selling Japanese foods in Southeast Asia and hold exhibitions to promote our products.



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