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Introducing the organization that won the 2020 Fujinokuni Capital of Food Contribution Award “Tenjin-ya Co., Ltd.”

Release date: 2024.03.29


Award-winning organization name: “Tenjin-ya Co., Ltd.”

~Increasing the consumption of prefecture-produced ingredients through product development and sales~


Award summary

・By developing and selling products that utilize local ingredients, we have contributed to the expansion of consumption of local agricultural, forestry, and fishery products.

- Contributed to regional tourism promotion through the development and sale of planned products in collaboration with companies, high schools, etc.


Outline of award-winning organization

・Established 69 years ago. 30 stores in Shizuoka Prefecture. A bento and side dish store that sells rice balls, shizoka oden, bento boxes, and side dishes.

・"Shizuoka Oden Tenjin-ya" has the highest recognition rate (78%, Internet survey) in the bento and side dish category in Shizuoka Prefecture.

・Shizuoka Oden cumulative sales exceeded 3 million units in 8 years and 1,000 months! 

*From January 2020, 1 to July 1, 2023 Tenjinya Co., Ltd. sales results


Introduction of initiatives

(1) Development and sales of products using local ingredients

① By developing and selling ``Shizuoka Osechi'' that uses Shizuoka ingredients, and products that use local ingredients such as ``Onsen Bijin Tomato Salad'', ``Shiobonito Omusubi'', and ``Shizuoka Kuroge Wagyu Beef Sukiju'', We worked on local production for local consumption.

② Three companies, Kirin Beverage x Shizuoka Gas x Tenjin-ya, jointly developed a bento box using Shizuoka Food Selection ``Cho''. From October 3th (Tuesday), all 10 Tenjinya stores will be selling “Top Bento”.

(2) Contribute to regional tourism promotion by developing and selling products in collaboration with tourism associations, etc.

① By collaborating with Shimada City, the Shimada City Tourism Association, and prefectural university students, we will develop and sell "Benefit Bento" to promote Shimada City's beneficial spots for praying for employment and success, and to promote tourism in Shimada City. Contributed.

② Through Shizuoka Oden, we actively provided regional food culture such as black hanpen and dashi powder not only to customers within the prefecture but also to tourists from outside the prefecture.

Shizuoka Osechi

 Shizuoka Osechi


Shizuoka oden

Shizuoka oden


The Next Development

・We will continue to contribute to the expansion of consumption of prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry and fishery products by continuing to develop products that utilize local ingredients.

・In addition to selling products, we will also hold general lectures on food education and other topics to convey the appeal of prefecture-produced foods (products).



425 Echigojima, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 0092-470

TEL:054-621-3331 (Public Relations Officer: Minori Kitagawa)