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Imaru Igawa Shoten Co., Ltd.

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Imaru Igawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
Location 425-0062 963 Nakaneshinden, Yaizu City
TEL 054-624-8870
Opening hours 8:00-17:10
Closing days Sunday and holidays
Web design https://imaru-ikawa.co.jp/
E-mail imaru@ck.tnc.ne.jp


  • Halal pickled rice bowl (sashimi)

    Halal pickled rice bowl (sashimi)

    A sweet soy sauce sauce series made with fresh tuna, swordfish, and salmon marinated in our original halal seasonings! It can be served over rice, temari sushi, or sashimi. This is an easy and convenient item that just needs to be defrosted.

  • Halal pickled fish

    Halal pickled fish

    A pickled fish series made from traditional Japanese pickled fish marinated with our original halal seasoning. There are many variations such as Saikyo miso-zuke, soy sauce mirin-zuke, miso-zuke, and teriyaki. It has a sweet finish to suit Musril tastes.

  • Halal side dishes

    Halal side dishes

    Side dishes such as fries, fried chicken, and tempura are also popular. It is used as a topping for set meals, curry, and ramen.


Halal point explanation

  • Halal certified Obtained Halal certification
  • Vegetarian Vegetarian dishes available
  • Halal Meat We can provide dishes using halal meat.
  • Seafood Seafood dishes available
  • Executive the cook is muslim
  • Prayer Space There is a prayer space for Muslims.
  • cookware We use Halal cooking utensils, tableware, etc.
  • Wi-fi There is a Wi-fi spot
  • Non-Alcoholic Drink does not serve alcohol
  • Feature Featured services