About Halal Portal

About Halal Portal

"Fujinokuni Food Capital Halal Portal Homepage" (hereinafter referred to as "this site") is an Islamic food capital for Muslims who visit or live in this prefecture to enjoy "food". This is a site that posts information on restaurants and food-related businesses that are considerate of the culture ``Halal.''
We provide information based on self-reports from restaurants, etc. about restaurants that provide easy-to-understand information about ingredients, cook without using pork or alcohol, and manage ingredients *Muslim-friendly* We publish the information here so that Muslims can make their own decisions.
Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on this website, Shizuoka Prefecture does not take any responsibility for any actions that users may take using the information on this website. This website does not guarantee the halal nature of the facilities introduced on the page or the quality of Muslim-friendly services.
Furthermore, under no circumstances will Shizuoka Prefecture be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred by users as a result of accessing this site. Users are strongly recommended to contact the facility they are considering using and confirm its operations and services.

*Muslim friendly available
A coined word meaning "easy to use for Muslims" and "friendly for Muslims." On this site, restaurants and food business operators are primarily Muslim-friendly when they do not use pork (including ingredients derived from pork) or alcohol.

Publication conditions

  • Be able to provide at least one dish or product that does not use pork (including pork-derived ingredients) or alcohol (cooking sake, mirin, etc.) (required).

Publication information


  • Store name, address, phone number, email address, website URL, Facebook page URL, Instagram URL

Restaurants only:

  • We highlight the items that our stores are working on among the following Halal-friendly initiatives.
    Halal certification / Use of halal certified meat / Chef is Muslim / Halal tableware available / No alcoholic beverages provided / Vegetarian dishes available / Seafood dishes available / Prayer space available / Wi-Fi spot available
  • Photos of stores and food, etc.

Food business operators only:
Recommended products, Halal certified products or Muslim friendly products

Tourist facilities:
We have selected tourist facilities that are suitable for use and visit by Muslims and where you can pray and eat nearby.
Selection criteria: Must be a family-friendly cultural and tourist facility, with no connection to things prohibited by Islam, such as gambling, alcohol, or pornography.