JA Izu Taiyo New Summer Orange

New summer orange granita

  • fruit
  • Confectionery

Ingredients (For 8-10 people)

Wed 500 tsp
Granulated sugar 400g
starch syrup 100g
new summer orange juice 500 tsp
dry gin (optional) a little
Water (for adjustment) 100 tsp


Make syrup (300cc). Put A into a pot and heat it. Bring to a boil, then cool under cold water.

Squeeze and strain the New Summer orange.

Combine New Summer orange juice and syrup (300cc), add gin, pour into a vat, and put in the freezer.

If it starts to harden during the process, stir it with a fork, and if it hardens a little, repeat stirring a few times.

Key Points

Adjust the sourness and sweetness of New Summer Orange by adding water or syrup to your desired taste.

*Recipe provided by: Takuma Hayakawa, creator of the Fujinokuni food capital

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Izu Taiyo New Summer Orange

Izu Taiyo New Summer Orange

Since its introduction in 9, we have selected and cultivated high-quality strains suitable for local cultivation.A specialty fruit that colors the early summer of Izu with a refreshing aroma and refreshing taste.