Mika Ace

Mikatahara radish flavored with Mikaace

  • Vegetables
  • fruit
  • Japanese style

Ingredients (For 4 people)

Mikatahara radish 1/4 medium
Mika Ace 4 individual
salt Small amount
pepper a little


Peel the Mikatahara radish and cut into 5cm wide rounds, then cut into 2cm cubes.

Put the daikon radish from ❶ in a pot and grate the skin of Mica Ace on top.

Cut the grated Mikaace in half horizontally, squeeze the juice into the pot from step ❷, and season with salt and pepper.

Cover the pot from step ❸ with aluminum foil and boil the radish.

Key Points

Mikatahara daikon radish will taste fresher if it is boiled until it retains a little crunch.

*Recipe provided by: Eimi Minamitake, a craftsman who creates the Fujinokuni food capital

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Mika Ace

Mika Ace

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