Nishina spear squid

Nishina squid and colorful vegetables dressed in Nanban

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Ingredients (For 2 people)

Squid 1 cup (100-150g)
Eggplant (sliced) 50g
Sweet potato (thinly sliced) 40g
Pumpkin (thinly sliced) 50g
Yellow bell pepper (cut into triangles) 20g
Shiitake mushrooms (thinly sliced) 40g
Lotus root (thinly sliced) 30g
Green chili 5
Cherry tomatoes (1/4 wedges) 5 individual
All-purpose green onion (cut into small pieces) 5g
Wheat flour Appropriate amount
 Nanban sauce
Dark soy sauce/mirin 50cc each
vinegar 30 tsp
sugar 3g
Grated ginger 2g
Chili pepper (sliced) Appropriate amount
Grated radish 20g
White onion (chopped) 10g


Cut vegetables. Slice the prepared squid into rounds, drain well, and sprinkle with flour.

Deep-fry root vegetables (lotus root, sweet potato, pumpkin) in low-temperature oil and remove.

Fry the squid for about 1 minute and remove it before it becomes hard.

Finally, quickly fry the eggplant, yellow bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, and green chili pepper in hot oil.

Make a Nanban sauce. Combine dark soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, and sugar and heat. Once cooled, add chili pepper and grated ginger, followed by grated radish and white onion and mix.

Add the sauce from ❺ to ❷❸❹, checking the taste.

Finish by adding cherry tomatoes and all-purpose green onions.

Key Points

・Frying root vegetables slowly in low-temperature oil increases their sweetness.

- Grate the daikon radish carefully to create a sauce with a smooth texture.

- Even after it has cooled down, the flavors will blend and it will be delicious.

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Nishina spear squid

Nishina spear squid

High-quality live squid with thick flesh and a unique sweet taste, carefully caught by pole-and-line fishing and shipped alive.