JA Izu Taiyo House Mikan

Chicken Aigle Douce ~Izu Taiyo House Mandarin Soup~

  • Vegetables
  • meat
  • fruit
  • Japanese style

Ingredients (2 servings)

Izu Taiyo House Mikan 2 individual
Chicken thighs (cut into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle with salt and pepper) 180g
Zucchini (sliced) 150g
Onion (chopped) 20g
Garlic (chopped) 5g
Mikan juice (100% fruit juice) 1/2 cup
Honey 1 tablespoons
バ タ ー 5g
Lemon 1/2
Olive oil 1 tablespoons
Spearfishing a little


Peel the oranges and cut the skin into strips. Actually, cut into pieces about 8 pieces.

Heat a frying pan with olive oil, then fry the chicken over high heat starting from the skin side. When both sides are browned, remove it to a pan.

Add the chopped onion and garlic to the frying pan with the remaining oil from step ❷ and fry over low heat.

Add the mandarin orange juice and mandarin peel to ❸, bring to a boil over medium heat, then add the mandarin oranges, honey, and butter in that order.

Add the chicken and simmer the soup until it is as thick as you like, then squeeze the lemon.

Heat a frying pan with olive oil, then add salt and pepper to the zucchini and sauté over medium heat.

Arrange ❺ and ❻, season with salt and pepper, and it's done!

Key Points

Point ❶
If you don't want the bitterness of the orange peel, boiling it will make it milder.


Point ❹
Honey adds richness to the soup

*Recipe provided by: Naoki Nakamura, creator of the Fujinokuni food capital

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*The recipe is information published in the August 30 issue of the Prefectural Newsletter.

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Izu Taiyo House Mikan

Izu Taiyo House Mikan

The birthplace of house-grown mandarin oranges, which is blessed with a warm climate and fertile land, produces high-quality mandarin oranges using uncompromising cultivation methods.