Notice of site renewal

Release date: 2024.01.31

Thank you for visiting our website.
This site was renewed on Wednesday, January 2024, 1, and changed from the "Fujinokuni Food Capital Portal Site" to the "Fujinokuni Food Capital Information Center."

We will continue to collect information on Shizuoka Prefecture's diverse foods and food culture, and provide even more comprehensive information in order to encourage visits for food, such as attracting customers to restaurants.



Introducing the food culture and ingredients of Shizuoka Prefecture, which has been nurtured by the diverse climate including Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.

This restaurant is run by chefs and confectionery artisans who have been awarded as ``Fujinokuni Food Capital Creators,'' who proactively use ingredients produced in Shizuoka Prefecture and contribute to the promotion of the prefecture's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries and food culture. Introduction


Introducing the proud products that have been lovingly cultivated and created by producers and manufacturers in the prefecture that have been selected for the Itadaki/Shizuoka Food Selection and Fujinokuni New Product Selection.

Introducing recipes that convey the charm of Shizuoka's special ingredients

●Halal Portal
Introducing restaurants, sightseeing and worship facilities, and food manufacturing and sales businesses that offer menus that take into account the Islamic food culture "Halal."