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Mikatahara radish with Mika Ace flavor

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Mika Ace


MaterialFor 4 people

1/4 of Mikatahara radish 
Mika Ace4 pieces
A small amount of salt 
Pepper a little 

How to make

Peel the Mikatahara radish, cut into 5 cm wide slices, and cut into 2 cm squares.

Put the radish of ❶ in a pan and grate the skin of Mika Ace on it.

Cut the grated Mika Ace in half and squeeze the juice into the pot of ❷, salt and pepper.

❸ Cover the pot with aluminum foil and simmer the radish.

Mikatahara radish has a fresher taste when boiled to the extent that it remains a little chewy.

Recipe using "Mika Ace"


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