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Amagi Shamo chicken thigh, stir-fried breast meat with plum perilla

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Amagi Shamo Chicken

Livestock products

MaterialFor 3 people

Amagi Shamo chicken thigh meat, breast meat 200g each 
1 piece of garlic 
5 pieces of perilla 
Potato starch, appropriate amount 
3 tablespoons of thick sesame oil 
Tataki Umeboshi2 tbsp
2 tablespoons of sake 
2 tablespoons of soy sauce 
2 tablespoons of sugar 
2 teaspoons of vinegar 
Appropriate amount of salt and pepper 
1 teaspoon of potato starch 
Sunny lettuce as appropriate 
Chopped seaweed as appropriate 
All-purpose green onion as appropriate 

How to make

Cut the military chicken into bite-sized pieces and season with salt and pepper. Slice the garlic and shred the perilla.

Combine the seasonings.

Sprinkle the chicken with potato starch. Sprinkle sesame oil in a frying pan, fry the garlic to give it a scent, and bake the military chicken over medium heat until golden brown. Use kitchen paper to absorb excess oil and discard.

Turn off the heat, add the seasoning and stir to entangle, and lightly thicken. Turn on the heat again, turn off the heat, add shredded perilla leaves, lightly mix and serve in a bowl with sunny lettuce.

Completed with seaweed and green onions as toppings.

When you add the seasoning, turn off the heat of the frying pan and then add it, and the bean paste will not be lumpy and will work.

Recipe using "Amagi Shamo Chicken"


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