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Mt. Fuji Shirasu Cup Zushi

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Mt. Fuji Shirasu

Marine products

MaterialFor 4 vessels with a diameter of about 6 cm

Mt. Fuji Shirasu (fried in a pot)50g
6 cherry tomatoes (red / yellow) 
4 cucumbers (thin slices) 
Lettuce, white sesame, radish sprouts, fried cherry shrimp, appropriate amount 
Rice for 1 go 
Sushi vinegar appropriate amount 

How to make

Add the desired amount of sushi vinegar to warm rice, mix and put in a bowl.

Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top of rice and sprinkle with shirasu, halved cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, kamaage sakura shrimp, and radish sprouts.

・ Mix rice with citrus peel and fruit juice for a refreshing taste.

・ You can enjoy it deliciously by mixing soy sauce (small amount) or chopped ginger with rice.

・ In addition, you can easily enjoy a wide variety of dishes by serving your favorite ingredients such as small onions and cream cheese.

Recipe using "Mt. Fuji Shirasu"


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