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Asahata lotus root tofu fried

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Asahata lotus root


MaterialFor 4-5 people

Asahata lotus root500g
Silken tofu100g
Peeled shrimp50g
1 whole egg 
Chicken thigh meat160-200g
Shishito4-5 bottles
Red paprika, eggplant, yuzu peel, grated radish, appropriate amount 
Salt and mirin a little 
Dashi soup100cc
Soy sauce20cc

How to make

Wash the lotus root, peel and grate. To remove water, strain with a colander, wrap in a cloth and squeeze. (Save the water that comes out) Add a little salt and mirin to season.

Remove the shrimp from the back, chop it, put it in a mortar, and mash it with a mortar until smooth.

Put tofu in ❷ and mix with shrimp.

Put ❶ and whole egg in ❸ and knead until the whole is united to make it as soft as an earlobe.

Take about 50g of ❹ and shape it into an oval shape.

Sprinkle a bit of salt on the bite-sized chicken thighs and sprinkle with flour. Cut eggplants and red paprika into pieces that are easy to eat, and make grid-like cuts in the skin of the eggplants.

Put ❺ in oil heated to 170 ℃ and fry. Next, add chicken thighs, eggplant when ❺ comes to the surface, and finally add red paprika and fry. ❸ Fry for about 3 minutes until golden brown.

Serve in a bowl, add grated radish and chopped yuzu peel, and sprinkle with hot soup stock.

・ If ❹ is hard, add the water from ❶. If there is a lot of water, add potato starch to adjust.

・ You may use fish paste instead of shrimp.

Recipe using "Asahata lotus root"


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