Shizuoka's special recipe

Mix with Ishikawa Koimo's Manyo style

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Ishikawa Koimo


Material2 servings

8 pieces of Ishikawa small potatoes 
A little salt 
Umeboshi (1 teaspoon without seeds)1-2 pieces
Plum miso1 tablespoon
Perilla fruita little
Walnut (roasted and crushed)1 tablespoon
Ginger soy sauce (combine grated ginger and dark soy sauce)1 teaspoon
Green lavera little

How to make

Sprinkle salt on Ishikawa small potatoes soaked in water and wash with a scrubbing brush.

Fill the pot with water, put ❶ in it, put it on high heat, drop it on medium heat when it boils, and boil it for about 15 minutes (until the toothpick becomes soft enough to stick).

Remove the seeds of pickled plums and beat until it becomes a paste.

Grind walnuts in a mortar

Raise ❷ into a colander, allow it to cool a little, and then peel it off (hereinafter, two A, B, C, D for each purpose).

Grind A in a mortar and mix with ❸ to make a garment, then put it on B (1 circle).

Dice C

Grind D in a mortar, mix with ❹, and add ginger soy sauce to ❼.

Add plum miso and perilla seeds to ❻ and green laver to ❽ and you're done!

Point of ❸
You can add sugar to the beaten umeboshi

❻❽ points
Grind the potatoes until they become sticky.

How to make video

* The recipe is the information published in the November issue of Reiwa, a newsletter from the citizens of the prefecture.

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