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Tororo Somen from "Organic Okra in Happy Vegetable Field"

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Organic okra in a happy vegetable field


Material2 servings

Four organic okra in a happy vegetable field 
Mentsuyu (concentrated)5cc
Mentsuyu (diluted with water for somen)200cc
1 tomato (steamed) 
2 Japanese ginger 
Somen (boiled and put in a colander)2 bundles
Kinshi egg
1 egg 
1 teaspoon sugar 
A little salt 
Two boiled shrimp 
Fried fried tofu (cut into small pieces) (small)1 piece

How to make

Preparation of okra [A: After peeling the" gaku "part of the okra's calyx with a kitchen knife, salt fir B: boil in hot water at 80 ° C for about 90 seconds and cool with running water. Cut it off and cut it in half vertically, remove the seeds with a spoon, chop it into small pieces, and tap until it becomes sticky.]

After adding yam to grated ❶, add mentsuyu (concentrated) little by little and mix with a fork. This completes the tororo

Dilute with water and add half of the diced tomatoes and 1 chopped Japanese ginger to the soup stock and let it cool.

Serve somen, remaining tomatoes and okra, broth egg, shrimp, fried tofu, and shredded Japanese ginger on a plate, and finally sprinkle ❷ on it and it's done! ❸ Please enjoy with soup

Point of ❷
You can put egg yolk in the tororo

❹ points
Even if the soup is sesame sauce or plum sauce, it's GOOD!

How to make video

* The recipe is the information published in the August 2nd issue of Reiwa Newsletter.

Recipe using "Organic okra in a happy vegetable field"


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