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This Hananoe's brown rice amazake

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:This Hanano Megumi


MaterialAbout 1000g of amazake (undiluted solution)

Amazake (undiluted solution)
This Hanano Megumi (brown rice, 1 minute each) (cook with the amount of water for brown rice)1 go
Rice Jiuqu500g
Topping (you can choose the amount you like)
Autumn fruits (persimmons, pears, grapes, etc.)
Ginger syrup (sliced ​​ginger sprinkled with the same amount of sugar, left to stand overnight, boiled down, and ginger removed)

How to make

Put "Konohana no Megumi" and 500cc of water that have been cooked in advance in a pot and boil over medium heat.

When the water is blown off and it becomes porridge, cool it to 60 ℃ or less.

Put ❷ and rice jiuqu in a rice cooker, mix well, cover and keep warm (60 ℃ -65 ℃) for 6 hours (during that time, gently stir every 2 hours). This completes the undiluted solution of amazake!

Divide ❸ with water to make it easier to drink and adjust to a thicker condition.

Squeeze the cut autumn fruit, avocado, and serve with ginger syrup.

White rice is also acceptable (brown rice is recommended for "Konohana no Megumi" with reduced pesticides and reduced chemical fertilizer cultivation *). With brown rice, the sweetness is modest and you can enjoy the texture of the lumpy rice.
❸ Undiluted solution can be stored frozen
* 50% reduction in chemically synthesized pesticides and 50% reduction in chemical fertilizers from JA Gotemba production standards.

How to make video

* The recipe is the information published in the November 2nd issue of Reiwa Newsletter.

Recipe using "This Hanano Megumi"


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