Shizuoka's special recipe

Deep-fried Sankai-Flavored Shizuoka style kakiage that can be used as a snack for sake


Material(Materials for 4 people)

6 raw bamboo shoots, 30 g dried cherry shrimp, 5 tablespoons dried shirasu, 20 cm gobo, batter (1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup potato starch, 1 tablespoon tea leaves, 1 egg), frying oil, 2 teaspoons salt 1 and 2 small tsp


How to make

Remove the stones from the raw shiitake mushrooms and slice them into thin slices. Cut the burdock into small pieces and expose to water. Moisten the sakura shrimp and tea with hot water.

Sprinkle the raw shiitake mushrooms with potato starch.

Make a garment, add 1 and 2 dried shirasu, mix lightly, and fry the burdock flat so that it does not stick out of the rice scoop.

The temperature of the oil is about 170 ℃ and it is crispy.

Serve on a plate and finish. Sprinkle with salt. Serve with small oranges cut in half. You can add chopped wakame seaweed and lotus root to the batter.

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