Shizuoka's special recipe

Fuji salmon pickled in Saikyo

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Kakishima trout Mt. Fuji salmon

Marine products

MaterialFor 4 people

Mt. Fuji salmon fillet70-80g 4 slices
Combined miso
Shinshu miso (white salt with low salt content)500g
Appropriate amount of chili pepper 

How to make

Arrange the Fuji salmon on a bat, sprinkle salt (outside the amount) on both sides, leave it for about 2 hours, and when the salt turns and the water comes out, wash it quickly and wipe the water well.

Mix all the ingredients of the miso paste well. Spread the miso on the bat, line up the Mt. Fuji salmon in ❶, cover the Mt. Fuji salmon with the miso from above, and let it sit in the refrigerator for a full two days.

Take out Mt. Fuji salmon from ❷, wash it with water and a small amount of sake, and wipe off the water.

Bake both sides on a low heat grill for grilling fish.

Mt. Fuji salmon is soaked in tamashu (a 1: 1 mixture of sake and water (not included in the amount)) for about 30 minutes before being soaked in miso floor.

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