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Amagi Benihime Amago Shabu-shabu

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Izu Amagi Benihime Amago

Marine products

MaterialFor 4 people

Izu Amagi Benihime Amago800g for 1 bottle
Shiitake mushrooms a little 
Bamboo shoots a little 
A little garland chrysanthemum 
A little deep-rooted green onion 
Yaki-dofu a little 
Chinese cabbage a little 
Mizuna a little 
Enoki mushroom a little 
Kuzukiri a little 
Condiments (Yakonegi, grated autumn leaves)a little each
Ponzu a little 
Sesame ponzu a little 

How to make

Pull the moss on the gills, remove the gills and intestines, and wash them with water to make them look.

Put yourself in the shape of a bone of an amago, pull the skin, cut it into thin slices, place a knob on the bone, cut it one by one, and serve it.

Wash the vegetables with water, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and serve the ingredients of A and the amago together.

Put soup stock and kelp (outside the amount) in a clay pot and eat while shabu-shabu in it.
Condiments are eaten with scallions and grated autumn leaves in ponzu sauce.

It is difficult to fillet at home, so you can fillet it normally.

Recipe using "Izu Amagi Benihime Amago"


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