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Extreme Gatsuo's Yamakake Marbled Tataki

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Skipjack pole

Marine products

MaterialFor 4 people

Katsuo no Kiwami200g
3 okra 
New onion100g
One scallion 
Japanese ginger (small)2 pieces
1 grapefruit (ruby) 
1 radish 
3 perilla leaves 
Edible flower, appropriate amount 
Tataki sauce
Noguchi soy sauce3 tbsp
2 tablespoons of vinegar 
Mirin and sesame oil 1 teaspoon each 

How to make

Cut the new onion into julienne, cut the scallions, Japanese ginger, and radishes into round slices, put each in a bowl of ice water, lightly rub it, soak it, and then drain it well.

Soak the peeled dioscorea opposita in vinegar water, cut it into large pieces, wrap it in gauze, and crush it with a pestle. Salt the okra, boil it, and mix it with the dioscorea opposita.

Add the cut grapefruit pulp to the tataki sauce.

Pass the thawed bonito in boiling water until the surface turns white, cool it with cold water, and cut it into thin pieces of about 5 mm.

Spread the new onion on a plate, serve ❹ on it, put the perilla and ❷ in order, and finally put the scallions, Japanese ginger, radishes, and edible flowers on it.

・ To thaw frozen bonito, wash the surface with hot water of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius once, leave it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, pass it through boiling water, and marbling it will make the color of the body stand out.

・ You can enjoy the texture by using grapefruit as it is.

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