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Mt. Fuji salmon salad Yuzu miso

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Kakishima trout Mt. Fuji salmon

Marine products
富士山サーモンサラダ ゆずみそがけ

MaterialFor 4 people

Mt. Fuji salmon1/2 fence
Cotton tofuhalf to 2/3
2 figs 
Paprika 1/2 yellow,
1/2 red
1/2 cucumber 
2-3 green leaves 
1/2 celery 
Rice vinegar appropriate amount 
Yuzu misoAdd an appropriate amount of soup stock and grated yuzu peel to a mixture of white miso, sugar, sake, and mirin (10: 2.5: 1.5: 1.5 ratio) that has been lightly cooked and kneaded.

How to make

Cut the salmon into thin slices (3-4 servings is a guide).

Sprinkle a pinch of salt on both sides of ❶ and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes until the water comes out of the body.

Cut the tofu into 4 pieces, and cut the peeled figs into 5 mm slices.

Spread figs on the outside of the plate in a circle and pour tofu in the center.

Cut paprika and celery into julienne, cut cucumber into small pieces, and cut green leaves into easy-to-eat pieces by hand, soak them in cold water, and then put them in a colander.

With the salmon still salted, wash it quickly with rice vinegar in a bowl, etc., and drain it with kitchen paper.

Arrange ❺ and ❻ in ❹, and turn the yuzu miso about 3 tablespoons to finish.

Salad goes well with vegetables that you usually have at home, such as cabbage and onions.

❷ Point
Please note that salted salmon will get too much salt if left for 5 to 10 minutes or more.

How to make video

* The recipe is the information published in the October 2016 issue of the prefectural newsletter.

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