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Omaezaki Kuroshio Kinme Saikyo-yaki

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Omaezaki Kuroshio Kinme

Marine products

Material2 servings

Omaezaki Kuroshio Kinme (fillet)1 piece (about 100g)
A pinch of salt 
White miso200g
Cooking sake20cc

How to make

Lightly sprinkle salt on both sides of Omaezaki Kuroshio Kinme and leave it for about an hour.

Make a miso floor by combining white miso, cooking sake, and mirin.

Wipe off the water on the surface of ❶ with cooking paper, etc.

Put ❷, cooking paper, ❸, cooking paper, and ❷ in a container such as a tapper in this order so that the fish meat and miso do not come into direct contact with each other.

Let it sit in the refrigerator for 3 days

Take out the fillet and bake it on the grilled fish (medium heat) for 7-9 minutes and it's done!

Point of ❷
Even if you put ginger or Japanese pepper on the miso floor ◎

❻ points
The surplus miso can be reused
Be careful of the heat as it is easy to burn.

Recipe using "Omaezaki Kuroshio Kinme"


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