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Nishina squid and colorful vegetables with nanban

Recipe provider:Fuji no Kuni Food City Creation Worker

Main ingredients used:Nishina squid

Marine products

MaterialFor 2 people

One cup of squid(100-150g)
Eggplant (random cut)50g
Sweet potato (thin slice)40g
Pumpkin (thin slice)50g
Yellow paprika (triangular cut)20g
Shiitake mushroom (thin slice)40g
Lotus root (thin slice)30g
5 green peppers 
5 mini tomatoes (1/4 comb) 
All-purpose onion (small cut)5g
Appropriate amount of flour 
Nanban Dare
Noguchi soy sauce and mirin50cc each
Grated ginger2g
Chili pepper (sliced) Appropriate amount 
Grated radish20g
White onion (chopped)10g

How to make

Cut vegetables. Cut the prepared squid into slices, drain well and sprinkle with flour.

Deep-fried root vegetables (lotus root, sweet potato, pumpkin) with low-temperature oil and take them out.

Fry the squid for about 1 minute and remove it before it becomes hard.

Finally, fry eggplant, yellow paprika, shiitake mushrooms, and green pepper in hot oil.

Make a nanban sauce. Combine dark soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, and sugar and heat. After removing the heat, add the pepper and grated ginger, then add the grated radish and white onion and mix.

Add the sauce of ❺ to ❷❸❹ while watching the taste.

Finish with cherry tomatoes and all-purpose green onions.

・ The sweetness of root vegetables increases when they are deep-fried in low-temperature oil.

・ If you grate the radish carefully, it will have a smooth texture.

・ Even after it has cooled down, the taste will be familiar and delicious.

Recipe using "Nishina squid"


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