Shizuoka's special recipe

Tuna mixed with sleet-healthy fish menu with plenty of vegetables and no oil


MaterialIngredients for 4 people

300g of tuna, 4 pieces of raw sardines, 150g of carrots, 2 deep-rooted green onions, 5 strains of Japanese mustard spinach, 1/2 of udo, combined seasoning (3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 100cc of squeezed orange juice, 1 cup of grated radish), salt

How to make

Cut the tuna into cubes of about 3 x 2 cm, and quickly pass it through the hot water to remove it.

Cut raw shiitake mushrooms into thin strips, carrots into thick slices, green onions into 5 mm thick diagonal slices, and aralia cordata into 4 cm long strips, and remove the lye. Boil quickly with the soup in the pot of 1.

Cut komatsuna into 3-4 cm pieces and boil them separately. Add to the soup of 2.

Grate the radish and add the squeezed juice to the broth of 2.

Drain the soup from 4 and pour it into a bowl and lightly mix it with the tuna from 1.

Put the seasoning in a pan, warm it, and pour it over 5.

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